Bouquet from Tarusa
70x60cm canvas, oil painting 2018 г
Spring on the Vorobyov Hills
90x60cm canvas, oil painting 2018 г
Everybody is at home
70x70cm canvas, oil painting 2018 г
Kolomna's gold
50x80cm canvas, oil painting 2018 г
60x60cm canvas, oil painting 2018 г
Bogolyubovo. Church of the Intercession on the Nerl
60x60cm canvas, landscape 2019 г
Summer beauty
60x50cm canvas, flowers 2019 г
Fountain in VDNKh "Fraternity of peoples"
50x50cm paper, evening moscow 2019 г
Fountain in VDNKh "Stone flower"
50x73cm paper, evening moscow 2019 г
Spring flowers
50x70cm canvas, flowers 2019 г
  • About the project

    Something new happens every day. Life is beautiful regardless of the circumstances. I learn to see beauty in our daily life and to identify the essentials – separate relevant things from irrelevant. The painting is successful for me when I managed to figure the character and the traits that “cannot be touched physically”. All the creative ideas I find in real life. I like to talk about modern life in the city. I continually observe how different historical periods are connected, how people live - they go to work, meet in a cafe, walk around the city, go back home. Contrasts of a big city filled with opportunities and events - this is my life, the life of my friends, colleagues and the loved ones - the stories I want to share.

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  • 12.01.2019

    Solo exhibition "Urban LIFE"

    The opening of the solo exhibition Urban Life of Irina Ivanik is to be held on January 2, 2019.

    A solo exhibition of paintings by Moscow artist Irina Ivanik dedicated to stories from the lives of people in the big city was held on Astakhov Cultural Center art platform.

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